*Fast and easy to setup  
*No poles to carry or erect
*Lightweight - Only 5lbs.
*2 Large 3-way zipper opens either side
*Adjusts to fit many vehicles with an upward-lifting tailgate
*Does not interfere with operation of sliding side doors
*Small enough to keep in the vehicle so it’s always handy
*Comes with tent stakes and carry case

Lightweight and durable, this ingenious tent is simple and effective.  Compact enough to carry in the vehicle, it will be forever handy for those unexpected occasions when bug free ventilation is desired.  With no poles to erect it installs and uninstalls in seconds for that quick lunch break.  Designed to fit the average minivan, its heavy-duty elastic adjusts in height and width to fit most vehicles with a upward-lifting tailgate.  Tension buttons hold your initial adjustments in place.  It provides a moisture-resistant floor space 6.5 feet wide by 6 feet.  Roomy enough for a table and several chairs, its large three-directional zippered opening can accommodate an open playpen, large pet carrier, large coolers and more.

The TailVeil provides room to store extra gear or stand up in a protected space, turning your minivan into a great weekend camper.  Perfect for viewing children’s sports. Great for tailgate parties, its uses are limited only by your imagination.  When not in use, it stores neatly in its carry case.

Now you can enjoy more of the great outdoors! 

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